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New ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer Pumps Up the Jams   20th Century Fox has released a new NSFW Deadpool 2 trailer. In the upcoming sequel, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) will face off against Cable (Josh Brolin), a futuristic freedom fighter with cybernetic enhancements and all sorts of family drama. Director David Leitch (Atomic Blonde) is behind the camera this time to shoot […]

‘Justice League’ Ends Box Office Run as Lowest-Grossing DCEU Movie Well the numbers don’t lie—Justice League was a bust. What was intended to be Warner Bros. and DC’s answer to The Avengers instead landed with a thud when it hit theaters last November, on the heels of production issues, extensive reshoots, and the reported firing […]

Matrix screenwriter Zak Penn working on fourth movie Keanu Reeves ‘Matrix’ screenwriter Zak Penn is determined to get the sci-fi franchise back on the big screen. The 49-year-old scribe – who co-wrote the scripts for ‘X2’, ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ and the story for ‘The Avengers’ – has been busy working on a fourth movie […]

‘Picked Apart by Vultures’: The Last Days of Stan Lee You might expect Stan Lee, at age 95, to be enjoying the fruits of his many labors: Marvel Comics, the company he served as the former president and chairman of, dominates popular culture. Characters he co-created — among them Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men, and the […]

‘Black Panther’ Passes $500 Million Domestically In its third frame, Ryan Coogler‘s Black Panther is now estimated to blow past the $500 million mark domestically after taking in another $65.7 million over the weekend. That would make Marvel’s latest only the second movie to cross that line after The Avengers, and it did it a […]

Final Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win, Should Win, and Should Have Been Nominated At long, long last, this year’s Oscar season is finally almost over. I will tell you as someone who’s been doing this professionally for some time now, this year feels different. The race began the same way all races begin back in […]

Warner Bros. Taps ‘Hunger Games’ Writer to Pen ‘Logan’s Run’ for Director Simon Kinberg Warner Bros. looks like it’s gearing up to take on Logan’s Run again. After numerous false starts on reboots (at one point, Nicolas Winding Refn was going to remake the sci-fi film), Deadline reports that the studio has now tapped Peter […]

Nicolas Cage Navigates the Post-Apocalypse in the Nutty New ‘The Humanity Bureau’ Trailer Nicolas Cage is at it again! The king of goofy DTV adventure movies is going post-apocalyptic (again) in his latest poorly CGI’ed endeavor, The Humanity Bureau. Cage stars a Noah Cross, a caseworker in a ravaged America, where climate changed has ravaged the […]

Friday Box Office: ‘Black Panther’ Leads Over ‘Red Sparrow’ & ‘Death Wish’ By the end of Friday, Black Panther had racked up another $16.3 million to add onto its frankly gargantuan domestic take. That was way more than enough to easily keep the Marvel juggernaut at the top of the box office as Red Sparrow, […]

‘The Flash’: John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein Have Closed Their Deal to Direct It’s officially official: John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are directing The Flash movie. News broke in January that the Horrible Bosses screenwriters had entered negotiations to direct Flashpoint for Warner Bros. and DC, but during the press rounds for their […]

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