The Voice UK coaches Tom Jones and

Written by on 13/03/2018

The Voice UK coaches Tom Jones and

Tom Jones, will.i.amGetty Images Tom Jones,

While The Voice UK is all about the contestants, there’s plenty of music talent hiding behind those coaching chairs too.

And it turns out Sir Tom Jones and are planning to combine a bit of that musical flair for a duet.

“I spend a lot of time with Will off screen, whenever I can,” Tom told The Sun.

“When I was living in Los Angeles I saw Will nearly all the time out there.”

Olly Murs, Tom John Woodward posing for the camera

Provided by Digital SpyHe added: “He’s been asking me for ages when we can collaborate, and it is going to happen.”It sounds like a great idea, we’re just working to get the right song, then we’re going to do it.”

No word on whether the recording will feature’s pals in The Black Eyed Peas, but it’s a distinct possibility as they continue their Fergie-less existence.

Sir Tom Jones

Press Association Sir Tom Jones Sir Tom is no stranger to an unlikely duet or two, of course.His 1999 comeback album Reload had 15 of them, each recorded with a different artist in that act’s studio with their producer.

File photos of (left) and Sir Tom Jones (right).

Press Association File photos of (left) and Sir Tom Jones (right).

It spawned hits like ‘Burning Down The House’ (originally by Talking Heads, recorded with The Cardigans), ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’ (originally by Randy Newman, recorded with Stereophonics), and new track ‘Sex Bomb’, a new track recorded with Mousse T.

Earlier in his career, he jammed with everyone from Elvis Presley to Janis Joplin, while few who have seen it would forget his collaboration with the deadly Martians in Tim Burton’s 1996 horror sci-fi comedy Mars Attacks!

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